About Figart Consulting

Figart Consulting offers a wide range of experience that can help you succeed.

Need a piece that is instructive and entertaining? Allow Figart Consulting to serve up its specialty! Experienced in computer applications instruction for the adult learner, Figart Consulting applies the energy and entertainment value of a good class to all of its writing. A chuckle helps learning and lets the layman understand.

Overwhelmed on a project that must be completed and you don’t know where to start?  Let Figart Consulting take charge.  We’ve done everything from organizing a small weekend convention to ushering in a operating system upgrade enterprise-wide at a major medical institution.

Need a writer that has web development experience? In addition to technical writing services Figart Consulting offers web development services. HTML to SQL, Figart Consulting can offer experienced help in setting up your site or blog to maximize performance potential.

What if you need to give an entertaining and instructive talk? Figart Consulting is experienced in public speaking, knows how to write a speech to grab the audience and can put together a visual presentation guaranteed to generate interest and excitement.