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Free Microsoft Office 365 for Schools & Students | Microsoft Education


Want to excel at Excel? You need the basics.  A good foundation will help you use this powerful program to its full potential. 

Basic Excel covers terminology for spreadsheets and the Excel environment, entering and editing data, modifying an existing worksheet, basic functions, formatting, basic charts, graphics, and spreadsheet printing basics.

This will get your skills up to speed and ready to branch out into more advanced use of Excel as desired.


This is the class where you start to feel the POWER OF THE DAR… *cough*  Intermediate Excel is a more meaty class that will dive into features and functions that will help you use Excel creatively.

We will cover: Managing workbooks and worksheets, Using 3-D formulas, Linking workbooks, Advanced formatting, Cell names and ranges, Data structure and tables, Documenting and Auditing, as well as using and creating templates.


The Advanced Excel class is Figart Consulting’s personal favorite.

Want to analyze data well?  Want to use PivotTables and PivotCharts?  What about importing files and how to do so cleanly?  Want to explore a little bit with Macros and Visual Basic?  This is the class for you.

We will cover Advanced formulas and functions from logical functions and conditional functions to advanced date and time, Lookups and data tables, data validation, advanced charting and graphic objects, PivotTables and PivotCharts, importing and exporting text files, and an intro to Macros and Visual Basic.


Free Microsoft Office 365 for Schools & Students | Microsoft Education


While we all know by now that a PowerPoint presentation doesn’t replace the speaker, we also know that well-designed slides can be a big help in conveying a message.

Our basic class will help you get started by covering:

Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins of PowerPoint, Creating Presentations, Editing slide content, Working with shapes, Graphics and Word Art, Tables and Charts, Smart Art, and Preparing and printing presentations.


Once you’ve mastered the basics of PowerPoint, you can move on to more features to make your presentation pop.

Not only can you create a slide deck for a live presentation, but you can record a PowerPoint presentation for delivery on a network or even an interactive presentation.

In PowerPoint Advanced, we will cover:

Slide Masters and Transitions, Graphics and Media, Customizing Slide Elements, Action buttons, equations, Integrating PowerPoint with other MS Office applications, Finalizing and distributing presentations, and Customizing PowerPoint.


Free Microsoft Office 365 for Schools & Students | Microsoft Education


Sure, sure, you know MS Word.  Make the text look pretty, and it’s a glorified typewriter, right?


Have you ever complained about how to make graphics work with text in a Word Document?  Do you take advantage of how styles can streamline document and page flow?

Learning how to use Word to its fullest will help you save time, produce more professional documents, and will forever put paid to the Glorified Typewriter image of MS Word.

In the Basic class, we will learn:

Word environment, Creating documents, Editing Text, Formatting Text, Tables, Page Layout, Graphics, Styles and Outlines, Proofing, and printing.


Once you’ve mastered the basics and are comfortable seeing a document’s structure, you’ll want to take your Word skills up a notch.

Want to learn how to keep your colleagues’ sticky fingers out of your formatting, or need to collaborate on a document and track who did what?  Ever gotten frustrated because you can’t keep an image where it blasted well belongs?  Headers, footers, and stubborn pagination getting you down? Has a mail merge ever caused your printer to explode with foolishness? This is the class for you.

In our Advanced Word class, we will cover:

Mail Merge, Illustrations, Advanced document formatting with sections and columns, document references such as tables of contents, indexes, and bibliographies, document sharing, document interactivity with other MS Office products, as well as customizing the ribbon and using macros and building blocks.

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