Triage isn’t scary

When we encounter the word “triage” in fiction, we often see it as a dramatic thing, the medical person agonizing over who to treat and when – usually with someone’s life on a fragile thread.

Believe it or not, even in an emergency room, that isn’t how triage works.

Triage is just a set of priorities you have thought about in advance in a non-emergency situation, so you can decide easily and quickly how to address situations thrown at you.

Do you have any sort of triage for your own life? What are your priorities?

So, in my last blog post, I talked about defining what’s “good enough” when addressing things in your life.

Until you know those priorities, you can’t possibly know what good enough should look like.

As part of getting control of your life, we’re going to explore how to triage your own life by sitting down in a non-emergency situation and making a plan of action. You’ll learn how to address what’s most important calmly. You’ll learn how to set standards, so you’re not wasting time on things that aren’t very important to you. You’ll learn how to evaluate what’s an actual problem that needs addressing and what’s a proxy (you’ll even learn the term) for the real problem.

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The Beauty of Defining Good Enough

“If the Venn diagram of your “Good Enough” day and your “Perfect” day is a circle, you have never defined what Good Enough looks like.” – Noël Lynne Figart.

I am in the best physical shape of my adult life from defining “good enough.” Two and a half years ago, I declared that if I got in 10,000 steps a day as measured over a month, that was “good enough” in terms of physical activity.

Do I ever exercise in other ways? Sure. However, the clear priority is to make sure I have in those steps. I don’t quit. I don’t crash and burn. I exercise moderately and consistently in a way that is desirable to me.

The problem of getting in enough exercise? That’s solved. I can chew on it for fun, but there are better places to focus my attention. I don’t need to worry about running out of problems to solve

Achievement is often marketed as only counting when you are putting in Extraordinary Effort. I have many examples in my own life where Tedious Consistency beats Extraordinary Effort every time.

Today, as I write this, I’m leaning hard on “good enough.” I don’t feel energetic. I’m not excited about the day. I’m not even excited to be writing. (I know, take my temperature, ’cause I gotta be sick).

But I do have a view of “good enough.” I have a general schedule when things need to be done, and it’s not some Platonic* version of perfection. I don’t have to think too hard to decide whether or not to do something. I know what oughta get done, but bluntly? The world will not end if I skip cleaning out the vacuum canister this month. Besides, this article is more important.


You can’t define “good enough” until you’re very clear on the triage of your priorities.

Which, you guessed it, I’ll be teaching in my Get Control of Your Life! class.

* The Platonic Ideal of something isn’t about whether or not sex is involved, by the way. It is about an ideal – the quintessence of an object or concept that is the spiritual ideal and impossible to reflect in the physical world.

The Perfect Morning Routine

The Perfect Morning Routine
A chart with actions and time to do them.
The perfect morning routine, down to the minute

Did you know The Perfect Morning Routine will bring about health, wealth, and happiness? I didn’t until fairly recently, and I learned it from a very special source.

I learned on the treadmill. I find treadmills deeply tedious, so I would often grab my tablet to watch some videos while I pretended to take a walk.

Being interested in self-improvement and productivity, I ran across a series of videos on YouTube with attractive young men talking Very Seriously about their morning routines and how that increased their productivity.

They would get up before dawn, do some meditating, exercise, eat a beautifully prepared protein-rich breakfast, and read some Improving Literature before getting on with a long bike ride to the office.

While a firm believer in bookending one’s day, the proscriptive “routines” they’d come up with often had me snickering and wondering how long such perfection endured.

Long enough to finish the production of the video? Maybe a few months until the season changed and that ten-mile bike ride would have been dangerous in the dark?

Do I think exercise is Important? Well, obviously. I was exercising while watching the darn things and had gone to the expense of putting a treadmill in my house!

Do I think nourishing oneself well is Important? Yeah, I am managing a health condition with diet until some of my organs give out on me and rebel and I have to go on meds.

It’s the prescriptiveness of it that makes me laugh and wonder if the procrustean nature of the routine wouldn’t become onerous after enough time.

I did an experiment with a finely-tuned “Morning Routine.”

How long did that last, and did it do me any good?

Evaluation of Life Experiments is part of my Get Control of Your Life! course.

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Be More Successful by Accepting Your Limits

The need for rest is a real constraint. Ignore it and fail!

If you grew up like I did, you were told there are no limits to what’s possible. “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

That feels good, but it is also more limiting than you could possibly believe.

Resources are finite. There’s no getting around that. Everyone has twenty-four hours in a day, sure. The twenty-four-hour day of a single mom looks very different from the twenty-four-hour day of an empty-nester.

It is pointless to pretend otherwise. It is an excellent way to get yourself well and truly stuck.

What if, by analyzing your real constraints, you could have a method to find workarounds that you can use that increase life satisfaction and goal achievement?

I will be teaching a class in precisely that in a few weeks. I’m charging less than you’d spend on dinner in a restaurant. I’ve even been scolded for undercharging.

If you follow through on the course (yes, that’s the catch, the work will be hard) the ROI on this course will be astronomical in terms of life satisfaction and productivity.


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