Fifty Pages of One Column and How Excel Classes Can Help You

“I need you to hurry up and get these reports printed for a manager’s meeting!” my boss said as he rushed by one morning a couple of decades ago.

He was new to the office and didn’t know about some traffic patterns or bottlenecks that could happen and much later than I expected. He’d been working on the reports the night before – large, complex spreadsheets. He wanted some handouts.

I liked the guy and wanted to help him impress his new team, so of course, I was happy to rush and get what he wanted printed and copied.


When I went to print out the report, I got this horrible layout and fifty pages of single-column figures with no way to reference what they meant!

Gulp! I neglected to preview what I was going to print before I sent it to the printer. Anyone want to guess how many pages of a single column spat out uselessly before I caught it?

Session One of Intermediate Excel will teach you how to solve this problem. Want to know what I did?

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Oh yeah, this session will also teach 3-D formulas, watch windows, and linking multiple worksheets. I just don’t have any stories about that other than the fact I use spreadsheets with them every working day.

Excel Intermediate

This will be a six-week course starting:

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

7:00-8:00 pm EST

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