Tables and Structured Referencing is Beautiful in Intermediate Excel

I was working on some data once, calculating by a lot of criteria whether or not one of 8,000 computers was supposed to get an operating system upgrade, or if we just needed to buy a new computer.  I had a formula to evaluate it based on some 10 or 12 criteria.

Then I hit this one computer and in looking at it, knew that the evaluation in my formula turned up the wrong result.

Oh dear.  (Only I didn’t say “Oh, dear.”)

I was looking at thousands of computers.  What if I got some others wrong?  (Hint:  Yes, the result was wrong in about 150 cases).

I rewrote the formula, tested it against some known results, and yes!  Turned out correctly.

So, I had to copy that formula down an 8,000-row column, didn’t I?

No, I blasted well didn’t.  That’s where the beauty of tables in Excel comes in.

Want to learn that?

Excel Intermediate

Excel Intermediate is a six-week course starting:

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

7:00-8:00 pm EST

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